Notes from the vicarage

June 2019

The month of June is like a fork in the road, like turning 40 years old, or deciding, as a teenager (perhaps a little later these days) to leave home and make your way in the world.

June, marks the middle of the year and how strange it is, that most of us feel the best part of the year is still to come. The summer sun, the sound of a cricket ball hitting willow as we sip cider and look forward to harvest. The harsh moments, even of a mild winter, are put behind us and we look to enjoying the fruits of our labours later in the year, when the sun sets early, the winter fire is lit, and, I for one, look forward to snow.

Laurie Lee, in his book, Cider with Rosie, takes us with him through the seasons, each with their own gem of a moment that is treasured.

As our lives unfold we begin to recognise and treasure the gems of a moment now past and value the moment we live in now. We learn to value all the seasons; to learn; to change, and to be still.

For the early followers of Christ, this time of the year – 50 days after Easter – was a fork in the road. They looked back remembering the gem of a moment they had shared with Jesus and with some fear and trembling became aware of the presence of God’s Spirit in their lives. Christians today affirm that presence. That we are not alone whatever lies beyond our imagining, whatever the fork in the road looks like for you.

Pentecost Sunday, on June 9th, celebrates the moment Jesus’ disciples were aware of God’s presence in this way, but the story behind the day goes on forever with us endeavouring, struggling, and striving to discover who and whose we are. The phrases we all use from time to time like ‘God willing’ and ‘God Bless’ remind us we are not alone as we stand at the fork in the road.

God is with us – he is not finished with us yet.